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Why is Handwoven Silk Fabric so Expensive?

 The handwoven market of silk production is crumbling under the price war with cheap imports? Find out why the Cambodian Silk economy is under threat and what the damage could be. With knowledge comes educated choices and you can consciously help these weavers now.


It hasn't take long for the world to be engulfed by factory machine made fabrics and cheap imports, but the countries that suffer most are those where people rely on hand skilled employment. I hope you have seen that our support is crucial in continuing to support these communities who are at risk of becoming marginalised with very limited emplyment opportunities.

Actively supporting these communities comes from providing them with a viable market to trade in, I believe at Modimade we're giving our support the best way we can. 

In a few moments, after you have watched the video, take the next step in becoming more active in your choices. End your quick learning session by asking a question - especially if I haven't thought of your FAQ in the video. I've made this easy for you to find out the answers you need. I'd love you to ask any questions that pop up in the comments section under each video as its launched. I'll let you know the answer or research into it with our producing partners. 

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