Our Inspiration

Meet our Founder

I’m Anna, mother, teacher, and founder of Modimade. I live in the beautiful Blue Mountains of Australia and my passion for Cambodia and quality education began just over 13 years ago.

Meet Modimade's founder Anna Wythes

My interest in sustainable development and belief in the power of education and positive and fair employment is evident in my work as a primary school teacher and an ethical business owner. By providing opportunities and access to quality education, through schooling, community programs or in the work place, people can learn lifelong skills and utilise these to create their own future pathways. 

Whilst spending a year living in Cambodia volunteering at Chumkriel Language School in a small rural village, I assisted staff to enhance the quality of their teaching and collaboratively established ways that supported them to put these into practice. I now love sharing my passion for sustainable development and quality education. Every time I return to Cambodia I see the positive effects that these two single elements can have on individuals. I feel my experiences add a personal essence to Modimade and the support we provide.

Modimade enables me to continue a proactive role in supporting development in Cambodia. We may only be a small scale business, yet our benefits reach far and wide. By buying through Modimade you are connecting directly to the artisans, their families and the people of Chumkriel community.


This is Cambodia

Cambodia is an immensely captivating country. It’s a place that offers many different experiences on many different levels.

However it is the people, that are the most remarkable.


At first glance Cambodia's panoramic scenery and lush rice fields spoil your senses. The smells from the produce markets are unique in their own right, with a distinct hustle and bustle evident at every turn. It’s culture stretches back in time to the creation of the incredible Ankhor Temples and delicate customs of the theatre and arts.

Despite a very dark recent history and immense poverty the strength of Cambodian people is uplifting and can easily go unnoticed. Their lives are filled with deep experiences, capturing moments of laughter, strength, compassion and at times great sadness.

Their families may be still touched by the devastation of the Khmer Rouge era, yet somehow they always strive to look forward, finding opportunities to empower their children and future generations. Continually STRIVING to pull themselves and their communities out poverty, they have been walking the path to rebuilding their country.

Quite inspiring, don’t you think? I hope Cambodia captures your heart too. It’s worth it.


I am very fortunate to have been able to make these connections and I love every minute of my ethical journey with Modimade. I hope you can join us.

<3 Anna