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Website Credits

I'd like to say an enormous thank you to the following social enterprise and local businesses for contributing their time, images and stories to our Modimade website. With their permission, I have been able to show you a little extra about where the products we sell come from, who made them and also have a higher standard of images throughout our website.

Thank you to:

Tonle Designs www.tonle.com Dorsu www.dorsu.org Khmer Creations via Penh Lane www.penhlane.com.au Cambodia Knits www.cambodiaknits.com Kravan House Cambodian Women's Support Group

Copy Writer Services & Proof Reading

Telopea Services www.telopeaservices.com.au

The Write Thing www.thewritething.com.au

Some general images throughout the website have been sourced from Bigstock Photo Images. We have chosen to do this to ensure that we uphold the privacy of children and community members within the communities we are involved with.