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Recycled Rope Necklace - Modimade

Recycled Rope Necklace

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You've just found your 'it' piece of jewellery to give your friends something to admire. Wearing this necklace is the next step to creating your sustainable fashion collection. This necklace gives a new purpose to reclaimed materials, which is then combined to be fair and ethically made so that you have a necklace that is HOT right now!

With sustainability playing a major role in the need to reuse and recycle, Khmer Creations have crafted the ideal necklace for you to join this fashion culture. The Recycled Rope Necklace utilises salvaged rope and left over embroidery thread to give life to a sustainable jewellery piece. Each necklace has a carefully sourced combination of materials and colours. The salvaged nature of the Recycled rope collections means that no one necklace is like another and colour tones and individual. Your necklace will be unique!

You can view the images to see a taste of what colour you might get.

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