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10 Reasons Why Fair Trade Products are ‘Good to Go’!

Fair Trade

Looking for a plausible reason to buy fair trade? Well I've got 10 reasons why fair trade products are good to go in YOUR shopping cart.

Experiencing the push and pull between buying ‘fast’ products and choosing ethical or Fair Trade goods is a common struggle for households. We all know budgets are tight. So what is going to influence you to put Fair Trade items into your shopping cart when doubting your finances?

The short answer should be ‘it’s the right thing to do’.

But  that’s  just a little too shallow when you’ve got a family to support and bills to pay (even for me ).

So Let’s go a little deeper...
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Discovering and understanding the path of a fair trade product gives us the power to decide if a Fair Trade and ethical item is ‘good to go’ into your shopping cart. Firstly, you’ll need to become a conscious consumer who understands why they are buying a product with a slightly higher price tag.

To make the venture a little easier, the World Fair Trade Organisation  has put together 10 basic principles*. These principles direct the production of every single fair trade product, garment, or crop.

Let’s break down the 10 principles of Fair Trade as outlined by the World Fair Trade Organisation. You’ll find no better reasons why fair trade should be first in your shopping cart.

1. Fair Trade Creates Opportunities for Economically Disadvantaged Producers*.

2. Fair Trade ensures businesses are Transparent and Accountable* for all their operations.

3. Fair Trade businesses ensure Fair Trading Practices* are carried out by working respectfully and collaboratively with the community members, to guarantee the social, economic, and environmental well-being of the communities they are working with. Businesses are not profit-driven, and they respect contracts and agreements.


4. Each employee and producer receives Payment of a Fair Price*. This is agreed upon after careful consideration for the prices that can be sustained in the market and what each producer believes is fair within their local context.

5. Fair Trade production Ensures No Child Labour or Forced Labour* is used in the farming process or making of the goods you’re purchasing.

6. Fair Trade brings a Commitment to Non-Discrimination, Gender Equality and Women’s Economic Empowerment, and Freedom of Association* to each and every worker and their workplace. No sexism. No gender exclusion. Equal opportunity for all. They have a right to stand up for workplace rights.

7. Fair Trade Ensures Good Working Conditions* so people can work regular hours in line with national and local regulations, and family and friends will know their work environment is safe and healthy.


8. Fair Trade Provides Capacity Building*. Organisations create positive development initiatives for their own employees, developing opportunities to build skills and capabilities.

9. Fair Trade strives to raise awareness through Promoting Fair Trade*. With dedicated honesty, each business communicates the objectives of fair trade, and freely informs you about their activities and how they strive to create change in marginalised communities.

10. Fair Trade products are made with Respect for the Environment*. Sustainability is at the heart of sourcing raw materials – they seek to reduce consumption of energy and create as little waste as possible.


There you have it – 10 great reasons why Fair Trade products are ‘good to go’ into your shopping cart.

Still want more? Visit Fair Trade Australia & New Zealand (here) or The Fair Trade Association (here).

Fair Trade products are well worth the extra buck. Where there is Fair Trade and ethical employment opportunities, there is a better way for many families and communities... A way forward.

What is one fair Trade product that you would love in your home?

Leave a comment below and tell us why you’d love it. If you need some inspiration, drop by our store.

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