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Have you ever met the questions ‘what can I do,’‘how can I make a difference?’ What ever your intention when you choose to buy and support fair trade and ethical production, Modimade can give you a direct opportunity to become involved and take action. You CAN help support safe work conditions, fair shift hours, increased skill development and appreciation for artisan crafts just by hosting a Modimade Ethical Event.


Touch, feel and see our exquisitely made products, learn about the valuable development initiatives at Chumkriel language School and share the experience of fair trading. Welcome Modimade into your home or workplace, ask us to your community event or visit our market place stall and book an event. You can do something, become the change you want; ESPECIALLY if you just purely and simply LOVE beautiful, good quality clothes and handmade products. Every item made and sold makes a difference; every event booked creates many opportunities. Become a responsible consumer today.

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