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Alleviating Poverty through Education

Chumkriel Language School is a community-based, development organisation. A perfect example of sustainable development that has been created through effective community consultation and involvement.

Being run by Cambodians for the benefit of their own community, CLS works to create opportunities and a better future for local families. CLS staff collaboratively identify the best way to do this, working hand-in-hand with the community leaders, state school and residents, offering access to high-quality education and variety of development programs.

CLS is a place where students like Sokha are given the opportunity to laugh every day. Mr Thy and his staff dedicate their working career to their community. Families in need can feel secure under their own roof, knowing that their children will get an education, no matter what their financial hardship. Because of CLS, the opportunity is there.

CLS is creating ever lasting change to alleviate poverty within their community.

They are an independent entity, registered as a Cambodian Based Organisation and have no religious affiliation. CLS does not receive any financial contributions from the Cambodian government rely on international based support grants and donations from independents. By purchasing items with Modimade, you can contribute to the financial contributions that we make towards Chumkriel Language School.


I have been dedicated to raising funds to donate directly to Chumkriel Language School since 2009. CLS gets every cent of the donation money raised by Modimade, and the contributions from our friends. However, we are only a small drop in the ocean of funds contributed to CLS by donors.

Over the years our support has ranged from extended volunteer work, skill training with staff and working collaboratively to develop, implement and evaluate community and educational programs.

The funds from Modimade have contributed to helping the CLS staff receive fair wages through the implementation of the Teacher Salary Program, we’ve educated students and the wider community in the early teachings of environmental issues like awareness about rubbish. Modimade’s founder also had an active role in the introduction of the hand washing and hygiene program back in 2009-2011. This occurred both on the ground and by contributing funds to raise awareness within the Chumkriel State School and wider community.


This year has been an exciting one! In April, we spent time back in Cambodia visiting our trading partners and seeing what has been happening at CLS. You can view some of our videos from the trip HERE.

During my latest trip back to Cambodia, I met with a couple of young mums within the Chumkriel community to discuss how they were going as new mums or mums-to-be and what the difficulties are that they face. As a result of this consultation, Modimade has rallied together with local families from the Blue Mountains and small business, Lavenderia Nappy Company to raise a collection of re-useable cloth nappies. The donation of these washable nappies will help mums at Chumkriel to reduce their use of disposable nappies, minimise the financial burden of buying essential nappies and reduce the waste and environmental impact of disposable nappies in their local community. To make a financial contribute to help send these nappies to the mums at Chumkriel CLICK HERE.

2016 has seen Modimade and our donors continue to raise funds to finance an interest-free loan scheme run through CLS. These loans enable community members to retain ownership and responsibility over their families' well being. However, the crucial element is that families can access funds that may not have been attainable due to the extremely high interest rates offered by loan schemes at financial institutions.

Since Modimade began contributing to the CLS Loan scheme, we have financed the build of a simple weather proof, one-room brick home, the purchase of laptops for university students, and enabled a ‘Rent-to-Buy’ motorbike to help a young woman return to CLS to volunteer her time.


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