Our Story

Modimade Trading Partners

Modimade is an independent enterprise, that supports Cambodian communities as they empower themselves through trade. It is a place where religion plays no role, all people are equal and our goal focuses on sustainable opportunities. We support businesses that are creating ethical and fair employment by providing an avenue for you to purchase their products.

Ethical - Fair - Sustainable

Modimade is about connecting you with Cambodian artisans. Why do we do this? We do this because we admire the way each enterprise values and enriches the lives of their employees, providing them with the fair employment and opportunities needed to stay out of sweat shops, off the streets, and away from the threats of trafficking.

Modimade is fair trade and ethical

 Combining the beauty of Cambodian culture with the power of purchasing to create sustainable development

It’s easy to see that trading and partnering with local ethical businesses is the most effective pathway to sustainable development.

All too often we make purchases without knowing; where they come from, how they were made and who was responsible for their manufacture. Simply by including unique little features like garment tags, personally signed by their creator, insightful employee profiles or work place transparency, each of the enterprise allow you to connect with the people who made the products you’ll find at Modimade. That’s why it was only logical to develop Modimade and contribute funds towards education and working conditions in Cambodia. By going straight to the source, and personally selecting each item we stock from it’s production team, we can make sure you know what you’re buying.

Grown from a blend of two words ; Cambodia and handmade

What We Want

At Modimade we believe in the importance of the individual and the craftsmanship they have put into the creation of each product. We want to show you the people who make the goods we trade. We want you to see these people leave behind the pity and stereo types associated with poverty, disadvantage and vulnerability. We want them to create their own opportunities through empowerment and equality. We want you to get involved and give an extra hand by purchasing through Modimade. Get started. Meet Kunthear, the woman who has supported us through the process of developing our Modimade Baby Bag. Did you know she has two children and owns a small house plot now? Be confident knowing that Nita, the woman who created the t-shirt you’ll be wearing tomorrow is fairly paid, values her reduced work hours and loves that she can spend more time doing the leisurely things in life. SHOP NOW