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Baby Bag Review by Instagram Mum @you_are_my_sunshine_xox

Baby Bag change mat

You’ve read our blog about the people behind the production of our baby bag… now read about a mum's experience with our Modimade Baby Bag!

We sat down with Debora to chat everything to do with our gorgeous and ethically made baby bag! Debora is the wonder woman behind the beautiful Instagram account you_are_my_sunshine_xox featuring her beautiful daughters. You simply must follow her wall, as a professional photographer she captures those daily moments beautifully - and now our baby bag is included as she’s been using it for her third beautiful little girl, Serenity! 

Anna: What was it about the Modimade Handmade baby bag that first grabbed your attention?

Debora: I love the design of the bag! With three kids under four, I needed to have a bag that I can grab quickly as I'm getting out of the car. The front pocket has my necessities such as my car keys, purse and water bottle, which are easily reachable when needed. The striped exterior is modern and goes with my wardrobe too! I also love supporting handmade businesses. When you asked if I'd like to trial and review the bag, I jumped at the chance, I'd already been eyeing it off!


Unisex messenger style bag


Anna: I imagine you're completely run off your feet with three children under four! Obviously with a compact size, the Modimade Baby bag isn't meant to carry three kids worth of bits and pieces, so how does the baby bag fit into your busy family life?

Debora: Our Modimade baby bag goes everywhere with us! It's handy to put down as a playmat for Serenity while we're out visiting people, providing me with that piece of mind that if she vomits (which she is known to do a lot!), it won't be ruining our friend's carpets or lounges.

Most importantly, it’s perfect for those emergency situations where a nappy begins leaking - I have the ability to change Serenity anywhere! I know it’s going to be quick because the bag is so well organised especially when the girls are running around and I need to keep an eye on them.

Portable change bag

Anna: You seem to be out and about so often with the girls, capturing beautiful photos of your adventures. Thanks for sharing them on Instagram! Where have some of your adventures taken you and resulted in the bag's portable change station concept turned out to be a life saver?

Debora: You're right, we go out lots, and our Modimade baby bag comes everywhere with us. We've gone out in bush walks, shopping and to the city to name a few. With such a long strap it’s easy to carry around, the Modimade baby bag can go over my body so it doesn't fall off my shoulder while trying to help my three girls.

Easy and lightweight baby bag

Anna: How's hubby with the bag? Is he a hands-on nappy changer and had a chance to try it out? If so, what's his thoughts (and yours!) on the fold out design and storage pockets?

Debora: My hubby has been singing praise about the bag since we started using it. Locating things needed in the bag, the refilling of the bag and changing process has become quicker for both of us. Nappies, wipes, distraction toy and nappy rash cream are all easily accessible.

We also keep a change of clothes in the baby bag for those accidents that always seem to happen at the worst possible time! My two older girls know where everything is, and can grab them quickly when needed.

Anna: Can you give me three words to describe the baby bag?

Debora: Convenient, practical and necessity!

Baby Bag with storage pockets

Anna: Overall how has your test run been with the baby bag?

Debora: I love the bag! Everything has its own spot in the bag - meaning that refilling the bag is quick and simple because it is easy to see what's missing. I love the accessible front pocket for my things like my wallet, phone, and water bottle. I think a zip on the front could work well too, for extra security.

Anna: Who would you recommend the bag for and in what situations do you think our baby bag is a must?

Debora: I'd recommend the baby bag to anyone that has a little one that needs nappy changes! It's easy to use and handy. Recently in my mother's group we we're discussing the best items we have to make our lives easier with our little ones, with the Modimade baby bag definitely being on my list. Other mums in the group we're impressed with the design, with it also being ethically made and the ease of use.

Have you got one of our baby bags? If you do – we’d love to hear from you. Tell us what the most handy feature has been!

Otherwise you can search our Instagram hashtag #modimadebabybag to see more of our baby bag in action!

Disclaimer: Debora has been gifted one of our Baby Bags to use and trial for herself. She has not been paid for her comments and her feedback is her own opinion of our Baby Bag.
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