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'Walk the Ethical Talk' Fair Trade Production with Anneliese Helmy from Fairsew

Fairsew team

In this edition of our 'Walk the Ethical Talk' series, Modimade is thrilled to introduce you to one of our production partners, Fairsew!

Fairsew are a fair trade manufacturing team who work from within Cambodia. Not only do they consistently deliver skills like no other and inject a contagious positivity into the manufacturing process, they also endorse fair trade and environmental practices within the industry. 

Teaming up with a production house who's strong ethical values align so well with ours has been an easy choice. Working with Fairsew to bring our very own Modimade baby bag to life has been a big step forward allowing us to give parents an ethically made option when choosing something as functional as a baby bag.

As part of my 'Walk the Ethical Talk' blog series, I've chattered with Anneliese Helmy the founder of Fairsew, as she takes us through the strong impact of producing fair made items and sharing trade secrets... shhhhh! 

Modimade: Why have you chosen to base your business structure on the "10 Principles of Fair Trade"?

Anneliese: We felt it was really important to align with the "10 Principles of Fair Trade" as people know Fair Trade and often ask us if we're certified. We are currently looking into certification but it is an expensive and long-winded process. We feel that as first steps, if we are already working to the principles and we are happy for people to come and meet the staff and have a look in the workshop, then we are very close to being audited and gain certification. 

Modimade: Do you feel there is an importance for brands to share information and transparency about their production partners?

Anneliese: Transparency is one of our core values, so to us it's super important. We think telling people about how your product is made is such a great way to connect with clients. They value the product more and will share with more people about the story of their product. We are also great believers in sharing information, even about our suppliers and how we source fabrics. We figure that it is better for our suppliers to get more clients, that way they can also expand their business - which could mean a better range of accessories and fabrics that they can offer to us and our clients.

Modimade: At Modimade, I use the hashtag #modimadebabybag, and I've noticed that Fairsew uses "fairsewmade" on your @fairsew Instagram account. Why have you created this particular platform to display your work?

Anneliese: Well it's about providing a transparent supply chain between the consumer and the person who made the product. Fairsew isn't your standard manufacturer. We are here to shake up the industry through our model as a branded manufacturer. We want to make it easier for consumers to know which brands are ethical and provide a platform for our clients to share their work.

Modimade: Over the last 12 months we've worked together to redesign a few elements of the Modimade Baby Bag. How do you go about sourcing the new fabrics and items, like zippers, that have been incorporate? Is it just luck on what you're able to source?

Anneliese: Sourcing can actually be more challenging than you would expect, given that we are based in Asia. In Cambodia there is not a lot of manufacturing of fabrics or accessories like buttons or hardware, so we can't always order what we want locally. Usually we start looking in markets to see if what we want is available and if not, we start looking outside. We're currently using some sourcing contracts in China and are exploring some new places to find what we need, such as Vietnam and Thailand where there is lots of manufacturing done.

Modimade: What inspired you to take your sewing team on a journey that led you from creating wedding dresses and clothing to producing a product as different as our Modimade Baby Bag?

Anneliese: We always like to try new products and the baby bag is a unique product, so it made sense for us to try making it. The Staff like the products that are a little more challenging as making the same thing all the time gets boring. It is also a great way to improve the staff's skills with products that use similar techniques to clothing, but are applied in different

Modimade: What do you feel your employee's value the most about being apart of the Fairsew team?

Anneliese: One of the things they really like about the company is that they view the team as a family. They support each other and I think there is less conflict as they work together. They also like that they're working on a range of different products so they can improve their skills and not feel like they need to change jobs to find more interesting work. It creates a really good stability for Fairsew as it has helped to reduce staff turnover. 

As two brands who both advocate for Ethical and Fair Trade, we can confidently ensure that each Modimade Baby Bag, bought to life by Fairsew is:

  • Hand crafted with the help of their passionate and skilled sewing team.
  • Created from fabrics that may otherwise have ended up in landfill.
  • Supporting fair wage and safe work conditions for their makers.
  • Made with lots of love and quality craftsmanship to bring you an inexpensive baby bag that lasts!

By learning more about Fairsew and the face's behind the products that you purchase... our Modimade Baby Bag can bring even more comfort to you and your baby, with the knowledge that your small purchase is making a big difference. 

If you feel that ethical production is something that resonates with you, I'd love you to leave us a comment below - let us know what gets your passion flowing.

Once you're done, if you haven't discovered our new Modimade Baby Bags collection, then go and see what our excitement is about!

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