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89.1FM Radio Feature: Stories Around the World - Travel and Work in Cambodia

Cambodia is an immensely captivating country. It’s a place that offers many different experiences on many different levels. This week I've been given the opportunity to chat with Lisa and Fran from Radio Blue Mountains 89.1FM about this magnificent country that has become a deep part of my drive behind Modimade. Cambodia, it's culture, it's people and it's history is the essence captured as a major strength of Modimade.


At first glance Cambodia's panoramic scenery and lush rice fields spoil your senses. The smells from the produce markets are unique in their own right, with a distinct hustle and bustle evident at every turn. It’s culture stretches back in time to the creation of the incredible Ankhor Temples and delicate customs of the theatre and arts.

Despite a very dark recent history and immense poverty the strength of Cambodian people is uplifting and can easily go unnoticed. Their lives are filled with deep experiences, capturing moments of laughter, strength, compassion and at times great sadness. All this being captured in the beauty of what today's Cambodian people have achieved through striving to support one another. Check out this inspiring video of the breathtaking Phare Circus.

Their families may still be touched by the devastation of the Khmer Rouge era, yet somehow they always strive to look forward, finding opportunities to empower their children and future generations, preserve and move tradiotional art forms forward whilst holding deep respect for their culture.

Continually STRIVING to pull themselves and their communities out poverty, they have been walking the path to rebuilding their country. Through avenues such as Modimade, you can help strengthen the success of their journey as every Cambodian made product purchased from Modimade store send industry growth back to the makers. But your support that will help strengthen Cambodia doesn't stop there, with direct impact being made by the kind a tourist you choose to be when visiting Cambodia. By ensuring that you are a responsible traveler whilst in Cambodia.

It's incredibly difficult not to be inspired by Cambodia and the people who live there. I hope it's captured your heart as much as it has captured mine!


After you've listened to the show, you may like to read more about the culture, art, food and history of Cambodia. Here are some great links that I found to give you an insight.

FOOD- CNN Travel - '30 Cambodian Foods that every visitor needs to try'

PHARE CIRCUS - located in Siem Reap - training program in circus skills and acrobatics https://pharecircus.org/


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I am very fortunate to have been able to make these lifelong connections and I love every minute of my journey with Cambodia. Thank you for joining me on this amazing journey, I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do.


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