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Shining Brightly through Covid 19 - CWSG

I don't think I need to tell you that the impacts of Covid 19 have been devastating for our Trade Partners over in Cambodia. They've been hard hit, that's for sure. With exports out of Cambodia locked down, each partner has had to look within their borders to find a path through this.

The light is definitely not shining brightly for them yet - far from it. But they have still got a twinkle of light there. Their innitiative has been inspiring. This week I'll share with you, their avenues forward.

In this blog I'm going to feature the Cambodian Women's Support Group.

 Women from CWSG support esch other

Sewing for Family

Sewing shirt workshopsThe little shop of CWSG has been transformed into a sewing workshop. The women host courses for community members to learn to sew a shirt to give as a 'care gift' for their family and friends during this time. With no isolation lock downs enforced in Cambodia, CWSG were able to offer this to small groups.

Collaborating with Hospitals

Sewing masks for cambodian hopsitalsThe CWSG has joined forces with the CSC hospital to sew masks for staff. With the wholesale prices of masks becoming very competitive it is a remarkable opportunity that thye CWSG were able to sew masks for some of the staff members at a Cambodian hospital in Phnom Penh.

Working Together

Crochet online with cambodia knitsThe connections that are happening in Cambodia to support each other during Covid is amazing! Kanary has been learning to crochet online from Cambodia Knits. She can now teach these skills to the women in the CWSG who cant access Youtube because they don't have smart phone or internet access! 


You can learn more about the Cambodia Women's Support Group HERE






Watch out for more of our Shining brightly stories from our Trade Partners.

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