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What on Earth is ‘ETHICAL’?

What on Earth is Ethical


You’ve heard of it before? You’ve seen it written before, too? But are you still feeling a little unsure of what it’s all about? Seeing the word ‘ethical’ pop up time and time again yet not knowing exactly what it means can get a bit frustrating. So what exactly does ‘ethical’ mean? It’s in our newspapers and magazines, on TV, and now you’re reading about it on a blog. 

So... what on earth is ethical? 

Unless you’re a social justice enthusiast or an environmental warrior (or like to shop with an eye for superior quality in products), it’s likely you don’t spend your free time absorbing every blog or website with the  ‘ethical’ tag.

I’ve found reading loads of blogs by eco and ethical fashion gurus like Eco Warrior Princess or spending some time flicking through online access points like Good on You is often the best place to start.

Even a little online store or blogging mums like me (read more of my blogs HERE) or The Eco Mum have a world of useful information, first-hand experience, and resources that you can learn from.

We are involved in the industry, trading every day with the industry, and therefore we become a little addicted to reading and learning about the industry. It’s easy to see why some people end up living and breathing the ethical way.

I’ve finally worked out that, in a nutshell, ‘ethical’ is a 7-letter word given to describe a whole lot of GOODNESS! (It may have only taken me a few years but I get it now.)



It’s about production processes, material sourcing, and enterprise practices that consciously aim to benefit both the environment and people all at the same time. It’s about choosing a direction in life – illustrating that you care about what you put into your body, on your body, and the way we interact with the world we live and raise our families in.

It’s a win-win for the environment, workers, families, communities, AND you!

Now that you know the best places to find out a little more about ‘ethical’ and what it actually signifies, watch out for my upcoming blog, “Where on Earth Can I Find Ethical !!!” (LINK to a new blog page: ‘Where on Earth can I find Ethical !!! : coming soon’). You’ll find some handy tips on locating the stores and brands that actually sell ethically produced goods (and I’ll let you know what’s not so ethical, too). To start your ethical way of life, click HERE .

‘Ethical’ may only be relatively new, but I know that this 'trend' is naturally becoming a way of life for a growing number of people all over the world. 

What do you think? Is ‘ethical’ here to stay? How have you incorporated ‘ethical’ into your lifestyle already? Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  • Well done Ruth! You’ve passed step one and two in my books. Second hand is a great way to go ethical. It’s about re-using and utilising what we have to the best of our ability. Basically for fashion it means wearing our clothes sustainably. That’s why loads of our clothing range is targeted to being able to layer a tshirt for winter and then dress it up or go casual. Happy ethical shopping!

  • Step one is being aware! Thank you for bringing this into my brain. I think we try to shop ethically with food, but for other items, often it is whatever out budget allows, which is often second hand.

    Ruth Meaney

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