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Feel the pride in supporting World Envirnment Day 2019

Today is World Environment Day.

With the enivronment being on everyones radar now, today is a day to acknowledge that we have an opportunity to take action as individuals, enterprise and communities. Since it began in 1974, World Environment day has touched on many issues and grown in recognition world wide helping to raise awareness and having gained recognition in over 100 countries. 

The UN theme for the 2019 convention happening in China today, 5th June is 'Air Pollution' . You must watch this inspiring campaign video by the UN. You will leave feeling that there is no better time to start telling our children of the importance to #beatairpollution by reducing emissions. With the main contributors of air pollution being Agriculture, household,industry, transport and waste, we all have a direct link to the emssions that are being discharged into the air we breath. 

Tonlé is one of the fabulous trading partners in Cambodia who I trade with. With the garment industry being the backbone to Cambodia's economy, it is also an industry responsible for a large portion of the air pollution emission in Cambodia too. And Tonlé is fully aware of this and taking action.

Tonlé is just one small enterprise in Cambodia who are dedicated to working with the environment being at the heart of their enterprise. Utilising the deadstock fabric from Cambodian garment factories provides Tonlé with a direct way to make clothes and reduce their impact plus reduce the production of air pollution that comes from the fashion industry.

Tonle utilising garment waste

Image courtesy of Tonlé

Over the last few years Tonlé has saved over 15 tonnes of wasted fabric from going to landfill and therefore reducing dangerous methane emissions that become air pollution. This re-use philosophy adapted by Tonlé also means that they are able to create beautiful clothes for us to wear without adding to the production of cotton fabric within the industry. 

This partnership is something that I'm proud of here at Modimade. In 30 years, I hope I'm like these grandparents featured in the UN World Envirnment Day 2019 campaign. I will be very proud if I can say this to my grandchildren. Let's all start together.

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