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Sewing Ethically to Support Women AND joining the War on Waste

Join me as i talk to one women living in Cambodia as she tells her story of how she has used social enterprise to help support women and the environment when working with the 10 Fair Trade Principles. It's such a crucial part in being able to produce ethically out of country like Cambodia. I'm extremely lucky to have been able to share this story with you.

Sewing Ethically and Winning the War on Waste in Cambodia

Have you heard of Fashion Revolution? This movement has bought about he critical talk of bringing change to the poorly run factories of Cambodia and other manufacturing countries. In this video, I'll show you that production can definitely be done without factories and in an ethical manner. AND it definitely can be done in effort to win The War on Waste. It's on a smaller scale of course, but it works and in this production house it is all ethical! Discover the secrets behind the production of our Baby Bag as it's produced in an intimate, small workplace as I visit in house at Fairsew and take you through a photogrpahic tour of the fabric 'graveyard'.

Being ethically minded comes with learning rather than just accepting. Your support and action taking can start today. Social share this video with a friend who needs to have their baby world reolutionised and made a whole lot easier. You'll be the Aunt, Uncle, Nanna or sibling who saves the day b y purchasing a new parent one of our baby bags. We can even send a baby bag direct to the parents and they'll thank you forever! Give it a go and help them take an action and thank your ethical mindfullness.

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