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Handmade Sleepy Snoogu Fox-Loxy

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The handmade Sleepy Snoogu Fox-Loxy is a beautifully handmade toy that inspires sleep and friendship once the mischevious adventures end but most of all, encaptures love! These toys are beautifully hand crafted by the women at Cambodia Knits. The employment they receive from making these sheep and other Sleepy Snoogu toys helps them support their families and provides a variety of support systems to their families.

Each ethically crafted toy in the Sleepy Snoogu range has been individually named. Seila the sleepy fox is that very one who is always the last to sleep. Having found the early evening hours under the starlight are more Seila's thing, she has a spark that keeps her up until late when the other animals sleep peacefully.


Handmade Sleepy Snoogu Foxy-Loxy.

60% cotton/40% acrylic making this a 100% vegan friendly toy and it continues 100% new polyester fill

Approximately 35cm tall